About Gary Stauble

How Would you Describe Your Training Style?

Some people live to work. I work to live.

I view recruiting as a means to an end – it’s a way to get more of what you really want from your life. Those things include financial rewards, self determination, expressing your talent, control of your schedule, more freedom, more fun and providing an extraordinary service for your clients.

We all want those things. But unfortunately many owners end up creating a business that controls them – rather than the other way around.

Assisting owners and their teams to generate more revenue in less time, with less stress, and more personal freedom is the primary focus of my programs.

It’s something that I take very seriously – both in my own life as well as in the programs that I teach.

I view my clients as people first, recruiters second, and I shoot straight when it comes to giving advice.

What Qualifies You to Teach?

  • 22 years of experience as a top producing owner, recruiter, trainer and mentor.
  • Built and managed a prosperous retained executive search firm specializing in high level search for national law firms.
  • Conducted lengthy interviews with more than 25 recruiters billing $500K+ and added their common traits to “The 15 Critical Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” program.
  • Provided strategic consulting for over 700 recruiting firms.
  • Trained thousands of owners and recruiters via live tele-seminars and classes.
  • Monthly contributor to The Fordyce Letter and other recruiting publications.
  • Publisher of “2-Minute Recruiting” a monthly e-zine with nearly 50,000 subscribers. 
  • Prior to entering the search industry: Worked for Consulting Psychologists Press; the publisher of the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory assessments.
  • BA in Clinical Psychology, member of the National Honors Society in Psychology, Masters course work in Psychology, E-Myth Academy training, Graduate School of coaching training.
Your Other Website is Called, “Done by Noon”, Doesn’t That Concept Conflict with the Amount of Hours a Recruiter Has to Spend at Their Desk?

“Done by Noon” is a metaphor, not necessarily a literal goal. The idea is that you should focus on the results of your work, not the amount of hours you spend in the office.

People do almost everything at different speeds; running, reading, learning, test taking etc. Why would recruiting be any different?

For example; Most recruiters could save 10+ hours a week by installing a failure-proof system for rigorously pre-qualifying both search assignments and candidates before investing time on either.

I bring the “Done by Noon” mindset to everything I teach which means I’m always looking for leading edge strategies that enable owners and recruiters to create the biggest results with the least required effort.

What Are You Passionate About Outside of Work?

Lifehacking. Mobility. Adventure motorcycling. Rock climbing and Bouldering. Exploring back roads. Pre-history, archeology, ancient ruins. Philosophy. Travel journals.

Puffing on cigars. Football season. Sitting around a campfire with people I care about. Strength training, trail running, tennis, hiking. Dirt roads that disappear into the horizon.

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Good hunting.

Gary Stauble