The Lazy Recruiters’ Guide to Tracking Metrics

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I firmly believe that complexity is the enemy of execution.

No where is this more apparent than when it comes to tracking numbers.

If you already have your metrics system dialed, then you don’t need to watch this 4-minute video. 

But if you’re like 90% of the owners that I coach who don’t have a working system in place, then I’d like to show you a ridiculously simple method for tracking your numbers.

Let me be clear; the method I reveal in the video isn’t the best system.

In fact, it’s kinda crappy.

But it’s free and it’s easy. Easy things get done. Consistently.

I’d rather see my students track 3 things everyday than 10 things every so often.

A basic system is better than no system, and I wanted to show you just how simple this can be, so that you have no excuse for not getting started.

Once you get the habit of tracking dialed, then you can transition to a fancier system if you want to.

Good hunting.


About Gary Stauble

Some people live to work, I work to live. I view recruiting as a means to an end – it’s a way to get more of what you really want from your life. Those things include financial rewards, self determination, expressing your talent, control of your schedule, more freedom, more fun and providing an extraordinary service for your clients. I assist owners and their teams in implementing leading edge strategies that create the biggest results with the least required effort.

4 Responses to “The Lazy Recruiters’ Guide to Tracking Metrics”

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    Mark Rowbottom Reply May 5, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    Members, I once walked out of a seminar when the presenter wrote on the board – KISS. The keep it simple stupid acronym. I probably needed to stay. I got the calendar you suggested, and will get some silver dollars – if my goal is not met Megan benefits (My administrator)the deficit. I have an ATS – it is cumbersome and clunky, so it doesn’t work for me. Older recruiters need to be okay with what has worked in our past.

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    Hey there Mark Rowbottom I did an interview with a $1 million producer a few years back and I asked him what method he used for planning and he said, “Legal pads”- for his entire career. Not fancy but definitely simple.

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    Love this Gary- thx for posting!

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    good reminder of what you should do and are probably not doing a good job at it.

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