The 11 Deliverables You’ll Receive

During a typical coaching call there are a number of things that I deliver to my clients. The deliverables are my responsibility, the outcomes are up to you. Presenting-Stock-Increase

  1. Another pair of eyes on your business:
    Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.  I provide a fresh perspective and context.
  2. Advice and ideas:
    No more working in a vacuum; I provide direct advice via recommendations and suggestions.
  3. Creative solutions:
    I share solutions to problems or issues.
  4. Validation and encouragement:
    Sometimes you need to know what you’re doing right in order to continue it – I’ll let you know.
  5. A reality check/ challenge:
    When needed, I provide a reality check or challenge to my clients to stretch or make changes.
  6. A strategic plan:
    I co-develop a plan of action with my clients.
  7. Accountability- holding your feet to the fire:
    I provide accountability and a check-in structure for my clients.
  8. Expanding your number of resources:
    I suggest/refer clients to experts, software, books, tools, forms, systems and assessments.
  9. Presenting options:
    I expand the number of options that clients think they have.
  10. A confidential sounding board so you can flesh out ideas:
    Some clients learn as they talk things through – I give you the space to explore options.
  11. Training and Consulting:
    I shoot straight when it comes to giving advice and train clients in areas where they need it.


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